We Produce….

Office Furniture

We manufacture “Ready-to-Assemble Furniture” (RTAF) from high-quality laminated particle board, providing not only portability but also easy transport and assembly anywhere.

Home Furniture

Our Ready-To-Assemble furniture, crafted from top-notch particle board, is known for its durability and portability. To date, our furniture has found its place in schools, offices, homes, hotels, and restaurants.

 Furniture (RTAF)



Chest of Drawers

Dining Table 4 Seater

Druk Executive Table

Eecutive Table

IT Station

LCD Unit

Low Height Dining Table

Manager Table

Meeting Table

Mystic Table

Particle Board

Plain Particle Board | Laminated Particle Board

Asia’s Best Particle Board

    • Made of Himalayan Hardwood
    • Made using German Technology – Siempelkamp
    • Exterior & Interior Grade
    • Very Reasonable Cost & Highest Quality
    • Value for Money
    • High market confidence & acceptence
    • Compactness & density par excellence

Special Characterstics

    • Resistant to Water
    • Resistant to Heat
    • Resistant to Abbrasion
    • Resistant to Termite
    • Resistant to High Stain
    • High durability
    • Has high Dimensional Stability
    • Require no special tools
    • User Friendly

103 - Ceylon Teak

111 -Vajra

105 -HimalayanTeak

113 -Khorlo

107 -Dug

131 -Odessa Birke

109 -Pema

134 -Seryna

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Manure

Greenure – Organic Fertilizer

Bhutan Board Products Limited (BBPL) launched an organic fertilizer based on the wood mulch, called “Greenure” in Darla, Chukha Dzongkhag on April 4,2022. With the 30 years old decomposed wood mulch and boiler ash, the company also uses natural cow dung to enrich the nutrient content of the fertilizer. The product is scientifically made to provide pH balanced fertilizer with suitable moisture content while taking care of macronutrients mainly Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and other nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium and Sulphur. Read More..

Our Services


We provide product delivery either at no cost or for a very nominal fee, depending on the specific circumstances and the delivery location.

Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback on the products, analyze it, and take actionable steps to improve based on the feedback.

Design and production

In accordance with the customer’s needs, our engineers conduct site visits to gather measurements of the designated area, enabling them to tailor the furniture design to meet specific requirements.

Customer care services

Our customer care services offer comprehensive information to customers and facilitate product orders.

Transfer & Maintenence

Additionally, we offer transfer and maintenance services at a minimal cost. Our transfer services cover the disassembly and reassembly of furniture for convenient relocation.


We offer customers a guarantee of the highest quality for our finished products, which include particle board, ready-to-assemble furniture, and organic manure.


Few words from our happy clients…….

Mr Yashas Karthik D S

Hema Nirola

CEO of Druk Horticulture & Vice President of Horticulture Association of Bhutan

We contacted BBPL and tried with 1,000kgs Greenure in our strawberries farm.Surprisingly, the manure worked well. The organic manure helped in the growth, size and taste of the fruits. Consequently, we used it in the tomatoes and other vegetables. Now, we have a solution and a better alternative in BBPL’s Greenure.

We strongly recommend prospective and enterprising youth farmers to try Greenure and see the result for yourself.

Mr Purushottam Patel

           (Proprietor) Shree Shiv Shakti Enterprise, Hubli

We have been associated with BBPL for the last 25 years as distributors for North Karnataka Region and have been successful in establishing a strong market for Bhutan Exterior Grade boards in this area. This could not have been possible without the support and guidance of the Company. We like to appreciate the efforts of all concerned in maintaining the high Quality standards due to which we have been able to build good reputation in our market for our products.